Blueberry Boutique


We sat down with Owner, Kali from Blueberry Boutique and did a little Q&A!! Get excited for FUN things to happen this fall!

We are huge fans of your shop! What made you take the leap into the business? Thanks so much! I am such a fan of local, sustainable fashion and I feel there is so much talent close to home, why not support talented makers in our communities!  I wanted to create a place where people could buy from the amazing talent we have, all in one convenient location.

You have a two little boys, how has becoming a mother changed the way you approach your business? 

Two busy little boys!! I approach my business as representing ethically made items that I know are quality made products. I feel I can relate when mom’s ask me specific questions about a products usefulness or durability because I’ve used many of them with my boys and or nieces. Plus I love being able to tell people where and who these products are made by.

Did you grow up in a creative family? Where did your idea for Blueberry boutique come from? 

I grew up in a free thinking entrepreneurial family, my sister, step brother and step mom all have successful businesses, and I grew up with my dad running his own business, so I knew that it was possible and where to get good information from. The idea Blueberry Boutique came when I was toying around with a few different names and it was in fact blueberry season and it just felt simple, memorable and unique.

Any buzz on what your fall line will be looking like? We can’t wait! 

I am constantly keeping my eyes out for new upcoming trends and products that are both stylish and functional; from accessories to everyday wear as well as specialty items. Currently I am working on creating gift (baskets) that are full of our most popular products, including a custom baby bath cloth with our very own logo.

 If you’re having another family over for dinner, what’s your favorite thing to serve? 

Right now we are really into taco salad as most of our friends have young children as well, it’s quick to prepare and we Can each Pick what we like to eat and they are full of fresh veggies, salsa, sour cream, meat or beans and of course some crunchy chips for good measure!

Lastly, Whats your coffee of choice? 

For style I LOvE caramel machiattos!!

For beans… Doi Chang (not local) but it is 50% grower owned in Thailand  so better than fair trade! For local coffee, the shop down the street from us “bean to cup” roasts its own beans and it is so delicious!!



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